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How to be Proactive in Career Planning

blog-imagesPosted on 2017-09-21
by Distance Learning Education

Life and career growth are something that none of us should ever take for granted in life. Being proactive in different facets of life is what we required in today’s day and age. Proactive career planning will not only prepare you for new prospects, but also support you to rebound from job loss or an unsettled career path. At any given stage of time, be it work or life, it is highly essential to have an attitude of personal responsibility for your own growth and people around you.

The word proactiv ...

5 Factors Affecting Your Career Growth

blog-imagesPosted on 2017-05-17
by Distance Learning Education

“Do what you love and you’ll never need a vacation in life”.

When you love what you do every day is like a vacation. But as life goes by we tend to face challenges that influence our shape of career or career growth. In this post, we will discuss about few factors that affect our career growth from general to modern day industry perspective.

Interest : Time and again, it has been said to choose your career based on your interest plus skills ...

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5 Skills which you learn while doing MBA

blog-imagesPosted on 2017-01-27
by Distance Learning Education

An MBA degree holds value only when we learn and implement the skills practically. And when we say weightage, we mean it has to have an edge over other fields or courses. Having said that, MBA is one such degree which teaches us real life skills which can ...

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The Future of Distance Learning In India

blog-imagesPosted on 2016-12-17
by Distance Learning Education

Distance learning these days, is a feasible option for individuals from all walks of life who at some or the other point in their life desire to get an education. In this digital age, where the entire ecosystem is on the internet with the advancement of technology the benefits enter in every industry. Education through distance mode has always been popular for those who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills timely. 

Why is distance education so revered?

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Women in Technology

blog-imagesPosted on 2016-07-16
by Distance Learning Education

The technological situation of the world is changing with time, and a plenty of new businesses opening each day over the world. Every one of these organizations is engaged towards giving simple answers for various necessities of our everyday existence with the assistance of cutting edge advances. The innovation division has dependably been commanded by men, with famous business people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg seeing the most of the praise and acknowledgment for their immensely splendid tho ...