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Pebble Hills University is a truly international and career-focused university which offers online Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs mainly for adult learners. Classroom-based programs are also available through our network of partners worldwide.

PHU is incorporated in the Belize City, Belize. As an international University delivering distance learning programs and also offshore face-to-face study, PHU has been striving for the best quality of higher education. There is no distinction between the programs offered through PHU and those of traditional campus based programs with regards to the following: your degree, transcript and other graduation documents from PHU follow the same standard used by most colleges and universities. PHU graduation documents can include an apostille and notarization from the US Department of State to facilitate their use internationally.

The registration under the International Business Companies Act at the Belize City does not carry with it any indication or implication whatsoever that this confers any particular standing to the course or comparability to your local degree program. The recognition of any qualification for employment purposes is a matter within the discretion of individual employers and institutions.

Accreditation is a voluntary process and each college or university may decide for itself if accreditation is appropriate and necessary to accomplish its education mission.

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