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Doctorate In Education Leadership from Marconi International University

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The Doctorate program in Education Leadership from Marconi University is intended for persons who wish to gain a comprehensive and contemporary understanding in one of the specialisms offered or in a number of disciplines that inform educational theory and practice. It seeks to equip those who aspire to positions of leadership in fields such as teaching, teacher education, health sciences education, educational management, educational guidance and counseling, special education, arts education, school violence and aggression, and educational research, with an ability to participate effectively in the advancement of knowledge, the formation of policy, the promotion of innovation, and the improvement of practice.

The Doctorate in Education Leadership offers participants the opportunity to undertake a general study of the theory and practice of educational leadership and management analyzing them in light of current research and professional experience. The program also offers six different specialization tracks to deepen their expertise in a field of interest.


  • Director of University
  • School Superintendant
  • College Provost
  • Dean of Academics


Core Courses and Doctoral Dissertation Research totaling 45 credit hours. 
  • PSY 7500 Research Design Methodology
  • STA 7501 Statistics
  • EDF 7520 Structure of Educational Systems
  • EDF 7521 Lifelong Learning Theories
  • EDF 7522 Global Education Design and New Technologies
  • PSY 7551 Advanced Scholarly Writing

  • EDF 7901 Doctoral Dissertation Research I
  • EDF 7902 Doctoral Dissertation Research II
  • EDF 7903 Doctoral Dissertation Research III
  • EDF 7904 Doctoral Comprehensive Examination

Students will choose one of the following specializations within the program and complete each of the courses towards the degree, totaling 15 credit hours.

Online Education 
  • EDF 7201 Didactic models and strategies
  • EDF 7202 School and learning technologies
  • EDF 7203 Distance education & instructional design

Special Education
  • EDF 7301 Developmental neurocognitive disorders
  • EDF 7302 Disability and special needs
  • EDF 7303 Handicaps and resources for integration

Education and Early Childhood Development
  • EDF 7401 Cognitive development in early childhood
  • EDF 7402 Socialization in early childhood and adolescence
  • EDF 7403 Socialization in school

Global and Comparative Education 
  • EDF 7601 Comparative educational models
  • EDF 7602 New paradigms in comparative education: models and methods
  • EDF 7603 Education and globalization

General Education
  • EDF 7701 Individualized instruction
  • EDF 7702 Mastery learning
  • EDF 7703 Determination, formulation and taxonomy of educational objectives

Experimental Pedagogy
  • EDF 7801 Characteristics of educational research
  • EDF 7802 Models and methods of experimental educational research
  • EDF 7803 Testing and verification of hypotheses and indicators


In order to be admitted to the Education Leadership Doctorate program, applicants must:
  • possess a master’s degree from a certified institution; 
  • have achieved a minimum graduate grade point average of at least 3.0 (4.0);
  • submit a completed admissions application;
  • submit a $29.00 nonrefundable application fee;
  • submit an updated resume;
  • submit 3 letters of professional references (non-family members).


Minimum 2 years and maximum 3 Years


The installment fees given above is as per 3 years duration which are 12 installments and if you wish to complete in 2 years the installment amount will increase however, total fees will remain the same.


You can apply for 25% or 50% scholarship which would be granted after your application and documents verification along with academic performance.

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