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Xamarin Mobile App Dev Program with Xebia from UPES Dehradun (CCE)

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The need for mobile Apps as businesses and technology solutions has been well established. Mobile App development conventionally has been carried out on three platforms — Android, iOS and Windows. The challenge that exists is that building the same App on different platforms for different purposes is not economically feasible and will always result in operational difficulties. Here is where lies the benefit in using cross-platform mobile App development frameworks.

‘Xamarin’ has emerged as the top cross-platform App development framework. It uses a single language, C#, to create Apps for all mobile platforms. Thus, Xamarin cross-platform Apps look 100% native on any device, providing better user experience, as compared to generic hybrid Apps. The platform has two major products: Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. With the help of Xamarin, building mobile applications can be as easy as opening the IDE, throwing something together, doing a quick bit of testing, and submitting to an App Store – all done in an afternoon.


  • Deliver native Android, iOS, and Windows Apps, using existing skills, teams and code.
  • Build native Apps for multiple platforms on a shared C# codebase
  • Use the same IDE, language, and APIs everywhere


  • Introduction to Xamarin , C# and Visual Studio
  • Intro to Visual Studio (Windows/Mac)
  • Intro to .NET and C#

  • Introduction to Xamarin Forms
  • Intro to XAML
  • Layouts in Xamarin Forms

  • Styling Apps in Xamarin Forms
  • Custom Renderers in Xamarin Forms
  • Platform Services in Xamarin Forms

  • MVVM and Advance Xamarin Form Topics
  • Introduction to Bindings
  • ‘ListView’ and Customized ‘Listview’ by MVVM

  • Basics of Android
  • Activity Lifecycle and Project
  • Concept of Intents in Android

  • ListViews and Navigation in Android
  • Customizing List view in Droid
  • Android Navigation

  • Advance UI in Android
  • Android Services 
  • Advance UI of Android in XML

  • Introduction to iOS
  • Intro to Project structure
  • Intro to iOS Designer 

  • Table Views and Navigation in iOS
  • Customizing Table Views
  • Navigation Patterns in iOS
  • Learning Objective
  • Learn about the Table View of iOS
  • Learn about customizing Table Views in your iOS Application
  • Learn about Navigation patterns of Xamarin iOS.

  • Advance UI in iOS
  • SQLite in iOS App
  • Tab view in iOS

  • Integrating Mobile Apps with Cloud & Rest APIs
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Unit Testing and UI Testing in Xamarin

  • Mobile Dev/Ops and Sample App 
  • Building Scalable Xamarin Apps
  • Code Walkthrough of some Xamarin Apps


Self-Learning: We provide access to our Learning Management System (LMS) that includes resources from e-books, assignments, Audio-Video links and web-links. The LMS is accessible via smart phones and tabs

Faculty Led Live Classes: Our expert faculty members take session on each paper that is delivered through live webinar sessions on weekends. These sessions are joined by students from India and Abroad. If by any chance you miss these live classes, don’t worry, the recorded sessions are uploaded in the LMS 24 x 7 Student Support: A dedicated helpdesk to seek resolutions or reach out for any support / help required. This helpdesk is managed by dedicated program managers to ensure timely response and satisfactory closure of queries


  • Mobile App Developers who wish to upgrade to Xamarin Platform
  • Developers who want to utilize their existing skills of .Net or C# to build native mobile Apps
  • Developers who don't want to learn Objective-C, Swift or Java to build native Apps
  • If you are a programmer or coder and wish to acquire to Xamarin App Development skill set for better career opportunity
  • Any professional with programming knowledge and keen to take career opportunity in App Development


  • Certificate of recognition from one of the finest universities in IT in India and Global Industry leader
  • Content is developed and delivered by Xebia. Xebia is a ‘Certified Consulting Partner for Mobile Solutions’ of Xamarin (a Microsoft business) and a Certified Learning partner of Microsoft
  • Only Xamarin Course in the market which also covers significant part of Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Live Classes with some real scenarios demonstrating cross platform app development.
  • You will get 12 sessions of 3 hours each of high-quality content and every single minute is crafted with outstanding delivery and world class production


On successful completion of the program, you will get the Certificate in Mobile Development using Xamarin from UPES along with Certificate from Xebia IT Architects.

Upon successful completion of this certificate course, you will have the right background, knowledge and skills to pursue the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer certification offered by Xamarin University.

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