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M.Sc. in Digital Marketing from Guglielmo Marconi University

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M.Sc. in Digital Marketing from Guglielmo Marconi University

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The program from Guglielmo Marconi University aims to develop a critical understanding of the main themes and concepts of digital marketing and their application to the international environment. We intend to provide students with intellectual skills of problem solving, self-expression and independent study, thereby enabling them to deal with issues surrounding digital marketing. This program will explore the techniques of social media, consider the development and direction of digital and social media as a creative industry, and will contribute new research and knowledge to the field.


The objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To offer intellectually challenging courses which support the personal development of students which are coherent, characterized by clear routes of progression and underpinned by scholarship and research.
  • To widen participation, with appropriate admissions, guidance and support, and learning and teaching policies which meet the needs of a diverse student body, at high standards of retention and achievement.
  • To develop in students an appropriate mix of knowledge, transferable skills and capabilities through a curriculum and an intellectual environment, which enhances their employability and gives a rigorous foundation for further study and life-long learning
  • To offer an intellectually demanding program of study that facilitates and assists graduates in their development of the requisite knowledge, skills and experience to enable them to ultimately obtain employment within the digital marketing communications sector.


The students will be able to develop analytical and interpretative skills in order to demonstrate an interest and awareness of contemporary marketing trends. Through the provision of the particular modules, we will allow students to acquire knowledge appropriate to a career in contemporary marketing posts, enabling them to enhance their employability, probably in the following sectors:
  • The advertising andmarketing communications sector
  • In the areasof social media marketing
  • Within the digital marketing communications sector and many more.


Modules : 1
  • Marketing Theory
Module : 2
  • Digital Marketing Mangement
Module : 3
  • Marketing Practice
Moule : 4
  • Communication & Media


In order to be admitted to the MSc Digital Marketing, applicants must possess a bachelor's degree from a certified institution. All courses are taught in English; therefore, proficiency in English language is required.


1 Year

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