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Master in Fashion Management and Design from Guglielmo Marconi University

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Master in Fashion Management and Design from Guglielmo Marconi University

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The fashion industry from Guglielmo Marconi University has always expressed great economic and creative potential, particularly in Italy where it represents a historical sector of excellence. Thanks to the manufacturing and tailoring tradition as well as the creativity and the innovative ability of its great designers, the “Made in Italy” label has found an important vehicle for its growth, both from the cultural and economic point of view, in the fashion industry. The Master in Fashion Management & Design has been designed by University degliStudiGuglielmo Marconi to capitalize the value of the Italian styling tradition and to improve professional training and refreshment in this ever-evolving sector.


The Master in Fashion Management & Design is the result of a partnership with SantangeloCollezioni, a renowned Italian designer which currently shining in the Italian and international fashion industry. More specifically, the expert in Fashion Management & Design will be able to follow the whole process of the fashion industry, from the products planning and design to the marketing, promotion and communication activities (e.g. fashion shows, showrooms, magazines, etc...). He/she can manage the entire fashion product lifecycle until its distribution and introduction to the target market.


The Master program is structured to train professionals to meet the needs of internationally renowned fashion designers through an innovative approach combining theoretical knowledge with practical experiences. Virtual laboratories, case studies, lectures and testimonies given by experts in the field ensure a highly practical and operational approach which emphasizes the Italian creativity and management system which has rendered such excellence in the global fashion sector. The Master was developed for those looking for professional training and refreshment in the field of fashion conception and design, in the realization of the fashion product, in the management and valorization of a fashion factory through appropriate communication and promotion strategies.


Module I - Design theory
  • The planning of the product from the inspiration to the design, passing through the use of materials and tools suitable for realizing the idea;
  • The tools necessary for the creation of personal fashion style;
  • The skills linked to fashion product design.

Module II: Instrument And Methods For Design
  • The necessary passage from the abstract idea to the finished product, through the study of the fabrics and the different coloring methods;
  • The importance of accessories in fashion design;
  • The type of organization in the field of handmade and industrial manufacturing of the fashion product;
  • The skills linked to fashion product manufacturing.

Module III: Fashion design and project
  • Introduction to modeling
  • Tools for cutting and packaging
  • Methods for the realization of the models
  • Fashion accessories: materials, models and types.

Module IV: History of art, fashion and costume
  • The module aims at dealing with the history of clothing and fashion from Ancient Egypt to present time.

Module V: Organization and management
  • The company seen as a system;
  • The organizational systems of the company as basis for competitive advantage;
  • The concept of business process and organizational structure aimed at the process;
  • The economic management in significant “areas”, interpreting the peculiarities correlated to every income area;
  • The knowledge of the main systems that a company can use to correctly address the management;
  • The modern definition of internal control system;
  • The concept of organization and understanding the role of the human factor;
  • The main types of organizational structure of the companies;
  • The environmental factors that influence the company’s functioning;
  • The characteristics of the organizational units and the criteria adopted for their grouping;
  • The conditions at the base of the organizational structuring processes;
  • The concept of organizational flexibility;
  • The role of costs inside the company.

Module VI: Promotion and distribution
  • The strategic role and purposes of a fashion show;
  • The figures involved in the collection design;
  • Fashion marketing;
  • The functions of a good marketing process;
  • The methods of segmentation of the consumers;
  • The distribution policy;
  • The strategic choices for a communication and promotion policy;
  • The importance of image communication for a fashion brand;
  • Market strategies;
  • The phases of the purchase process;
  • The phases of the product lifecycle;
  • The importance of the analysis of the trends in the fashion industry.

Virtual Laboratories

Lab I: Visual elements of the project
  • The human figure (technical analysis and graphic study);
  • Knowledge of illustrative techniques;
  • The realization of the fashion-plate.

Lab II: Meta-project
  • The tools for the visual communication of the fashion project;
  • The research process that leads to the realization of a clothing collection for a company and anticipates: the definition of the project concepts, the creation of the mood and the development of the collection.

Lab III: Curves and surfaces: geometrical and differential analysis
  • Technical knowledge of modeling
  • Analyses of the developments
  • Technical and sartorial guide

Lab IV: Digital representation
  • New technologies and the fashion world;
  • Use and functions of software for the fashion-plate design;
  • Use and functions of modeling software.

Lab V: Materials for design – technologies and structures
  • Textile marketable goods: natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics and technical fibers;
  • Science and technology of the materials in fashion design.

Lab VI: Fashion, mass media and fashion show
  • The laboratory will allow you to understand and manage fashion contaminations through documents, videos and interviews by figures involved in the fashion marketing (stylists, ateliers, handicraft, people responsible for marketing, etc.).


In order to be admitted to the Master in Fashion Management & Design, candidates must possess a Bachelor Degree, which is the minimum requirement for the program.


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