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Master in Interior Design from Guglielmo Marconi University

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Master in Interior Design from Guglielmo Marconi University

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The Master in Interior Design from Guglielmo Marconi University is meant for individuals interested in understanding contemporary interior design, taking into account several subjects like art, history of design, colorimetry and materials in a multidisciplinary perspective. In particular, the Master program provides professionals with the competence, responsibility, sensitivity to changeable modern needs and capability to control the entire planning process. Strategic planning and management skills together with the opportunity to experiment creative and unconventional forms and solutions give the students the right instruments to balance the interplay between desire, images and essential practical needs.


The interior designer is able to plan and organize the design and decoration of interior spaces considering all aspects such as cost projection, time line materials and construction technology. Designers work with architects, customers and the brand management in order to fulfill the precise needs of the client. He/she is able to give shape to any kind of color, texture and material according to any desire, evaluate different qualifications of open and closed areas, choose elements for areas, make accurate decisions about residential organizations.


The knowledge and skills acquired during the Master program enable students to work in the furnishings and decorations industry, in different retail outlets or in professional offices specialized in the sector. The interior designer works in close contact with architectural firms. He/she is competent in different sectors: interior design of houses, offices, set design, hotels, conference centers and luxury stores.


Techniques for Interior Design
  • Introduction to Drawing
  • The architectural drawing
  • From sketches to orthogonal projections
  • Three-dimensional drawing
  • Introduction to perspective
  • Perspective for Interior Design I
  • Perspective for Interior Design II
  • Rendering Concepts
  • Rendering and backgrounds
  • Layout and works’ presentation

History of Design and Furniture
  • From prehistory to ancient history
  • From Byzantine Empire to Asiatic traditions
  • From Middle Ages to Baroque
  • Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo in France and Spain
  • From the Revivals Age to the Vienna Secession
  • From Eclecticism to the Industrial Design
  • The Modern Age
  • The Contemporary Age

  • Eco friendly Design
  • The planning process
  • The strategies
  • Design specifics
  • The role of light in interior Design
  • The house items
  • Furniture
  • Materials and surfaces
  • Design objects
  • The means of transport
  • The interiors
  • The architecture

Interior Design Lessons
  • Methodology
  • The work planning
  • The small spaces
  • The buildings
  • Principles of Design
  • The preliminary project
  • Care of details
  • Space Planning Basics
  • Design examples
  • The colours

Professional practice
  • The Interior Designer profession
  • Introduction to the profession
  • The skills of the Interior Designer
  • The professional practice
  • The marketing strategies
  • The project
  • The project management
  • A look ahead

Interior Design materials
  • The ceramic
  • The glass
  • The metal
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Wall painting
  • The carpets
  • The floors
  • The walls
  • The ceilings
  • The fittings
  • Cabinets
  • The kitchen
  • The bathroom


In order to be admitted into a Master’s Degree program, applicants must possess a Bachelor’s Degree, which is the minimum requirement for the program.


1 Year

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