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Master in International Hospitality and Tourism from Guglielmo Marconi University

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Master in International Hospitality and Tourism from Guglielmo Marconi University

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The process of globalization that has affected markets has led to a strong boost in tourism, extending the range of resources and requiring those who work in the field to be in possession of up-to-date professional abilities and increasingly developed managerial skills.Faced with a complex and competitive market, in a world in which consumers / tourists are becoming more demanding and require customized yet reasonably priced products, tourism businesses must comply with continuous cultural, organizational and managerial innovations.


The hospitality from Guglielmo Marconi University sector must respond to the constant demand for improvement of quality service and be capable of measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of management systems in use, in a general perspective of growth and development. Managerial training has a fundamental role in the achievement of these goals and the Master in International Hospitality and Tourism develops specialized competencies by providing the tools and techniques necessary for professional practice, encouraging the development of a corporate culture that can render tourism a more competitive product offering and increase the quality of services.


The Master in International Hospitality and Tourism helps create professionals with business, management and organizational expertise, capable of taking on operational roles and responsibilities in all aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry: hotels and hotel chains, conference centers, tourism consultancy, brokerage firms, airlines, airport operators, cruise companies, institutions and associations.
The careers that await the tourism and hospitality specialist are as follows:

  • Tourism promotions manager
  • Tourism marketing expert
  • Hospitality manager
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Event planning
  • Restaurant and night club management
  • Government tourism minister


Module I: Business Administration
  • Business administration
  • Analysis of balance sheet
  • Accounting
  • Control tools
  • Business case studies

Module II: General Management
  • Managerial economics and business administration
  • Business strategy and policies
  • Business organization

Module III: Strategic Processes of Innovation
  • Fundamentals of innovation: notions and dynamics
  • Organization of innovative processes in the national and international setting
  • Innovational project management
  • Principles and tools for the development of a new product
  • Management of innovative teams

Module IV: Marketing
  • Market analysis
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing strategy
  • Positioning strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • Marketing of innovations
  • Case studies

Module V: Economy and Techniques of the Hotel Industry
  • Sociology of tourism
  • Economy and management of the tourism industry
  • Tourism statistics
  • Tourism legislation
  • Case studies

Module VI: Web Solutions for the Promotion of Tourism and Hotels
  • Characteristics of web communication
  • Various types of e-commerce systems and solutions
  • Web-marketing principles
  • Operative choices for Internet marketing: from the website to e-commerce
  • Social networks and network marketing
  • Means of online payment and privacy
  • Privacy and security in e-commerce


In order to be admitted to the Master in International Hospitality and Tourism, candidates must possess a Bachelor Degree, which is the minimum requirement for the program.


1 Year

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