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Master in Computer Science from Guglielmo Marconi University

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Master in Computer Science from Guglielmo Marconi University

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The Master in Computer Science from Guglielmo Marconi University responds to meet the growing demand for high qualified learning programs for the development and project of effective and innovative IT solutions. This online course represents an important opportunity of training on: development/implementation of information systems architecture; development, management and maintenance of business databases; implementation of guidelines for software development; knowledge and implementation of policies for the security and reliability of systems and the web.


The Master in Computer Science enables students to project, develop, create, manage and maintain business information systems and is specifically focused on the physical structure of the information network. Moreover, the Master provides students with the basics in the field of the development of software and the management of business databases, web applications and mobile technology.


The Master in Computer Science intends to form high-skilled professionals able to work in public and private organizations worldwide as business information systems managers.


Module: I Computer networks
  • Networks general infrastructures
  • Introduction to reference models
  • Architecture and network typologies
  • Mobile and wireless radio systems
Module: II Database
  • Creation, management and interaction with database
  • Information retrieval
  • Database management automation
  • Distributed databases
  • Database functionality evaluation
  • Information encoding
Module: III Software engineering
  • Software processes modeling
  • Analysis and management of software development process
  • Maintenance and incremental development of software, with a specific focus on modularity
  • Software programming for local web servers and their interaction with clients
  • Self-learning systems
Module: IV Security
  • Security and reliability of systems
  • Cryptography
  • Authentication techniques
  • Web security
  • Access control
  • Block cipher algorithm
Virtual laboratories, case studies, lectures and testimonies given by experts in the field ensure a highly practical and operational approach.
After the completion of the modules, the participants will develop a written project work, in which they will be required to develop a practical case study, under the supervision of an academic tutor, to identify viable solutions in order to stimulate the problem solving attitude of students.


In order to be admitted to the Master in Computer Science program, applicants must possess a Bachelor's degree from a certified institution. All courses are taught in English; therefore, proficiency in English language is required.For the one year masters the student should have a bachelor degree of a duration at least 4 years or a 3 year one along with a master. In some cases students with 3 years of studies and no master may be accepted but it  will be case by case


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