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Executive MBA in Business Leadership from Mewar University

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An MBA in Leadership from Mewar University is a versatile degree that prepares graduates for leadership roles and positions of influence in their organizations and communities. Leadership program is equipped to view situations from a system-wide perspective and apply the processes of collaboration, strategic thinking and critical analysis to manage challenges and opportunities. The leadership focus helps students apply key management perspectives to broader human, organizational and community issues


  • Help students demonstrate and understand characteristics of effective leadership.
  • Help students develop an understanding of teamwork and collaborative techniques that contribute to both effective leadership and teamwork.
  • Help  students to identify and strategically analyze complex business problems
  • Help students to determine relevant decision criteria and alternatives, and prioritize among competing alternatives
  • Help  students to demonstrate an ability to integrate theory and practice, as well as expertise across functional areas


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Vice President 
  • Department Heads
  • Project Head
  • Senior Manager
  • Project Director 
  • General Manager


Semester I
  • Modern Business Organization and Management
  • Global Business Environment & Economics
  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • HR & OB

Semester II
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Basics Of Business Leadership
  • Leadership And Global Management
  • Team Building And Leadership


Any Graduate with 2 Years of Experience


1 year

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