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Bachelor of Psychological Science and Techniques from Guglielmo Marconi University

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The three year bachelor degree program from Guglielmo Marconi University concentrates on the study of securing research aptitudes in a specific field of psychology. The course furnishes understudies with a thorough preparation in the scholarly and pragmatic aptitudes important to complete investigative research on human conduct.The program intends to teach the understudies psychological principles and research methods at the intersection of theory, research and practice in business settings.


The primary goal of this course is to furnish understudies with cutting edge training in research routines and expert aptitudes that set them up both for a vocation including mental research and additionally for the use of scientific learning and strategies in different expert settings. Students become able to identify key theories and apply them to a variety of challenges facing contemporary organizations, their employees and consumers.


At the end of the degree course in Psychological Science and Techniques, students will have acquired proper knowledge, understanding, analysis and counselling skills in relation to the theoretical and methodological fundamentals of psychology. More specifically, graduates will:
  • Possess a deep knowledge of the central issues that are currently being debated within the scientific community concerning different areas of general, social, developmental and clinical psychology
  • Be familiar with different knowledge fields linked to psychology
  • Know the methods and procedures of scientific inquiry
  • The final exam of the degree program, intended to assess the technical-scientific and professional preparation of the student, consists of the completion and discussion of a written dissertation.


First Year
  • General Psychology
  • Element of Human Physiology
  • Social Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Psychometrics I
  • Information Technology Basics
Second year
  • Psychometrics II
  • Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology
  • Psychodynamic psychology
  • Clinical Psychology I
  • Psychology of Socialization
  • Elective course*
  • Laboratory of Dynamic Psychology
Third Year
  • Clinical Psychology II
  • Element of Psychiatry
  • Community Psychology
  • Occupational and Organizational Psychology
  • Sociology of Work
  • Elective course*
  • Laboratory of Clinical Psychology
  • Linguistic Competence
  • Dissertation
Electives (among those not yet taken)
  • Statistics and Demography
  • History of Medicine
  • General Hygiene
  • Sociology of Professions
  • Cultural Anthropology


In order to be admitted to the Bachelor Degree of Psychological Science and Techniques, applicants must possess a valid high school diploma.


3 Years

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