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Bachelor Degree of Cinematic Arts, Film and Television from Guglielmo Marconi University

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The Bachelor Degree of Cinematic Arts, Film and Television Production from Guglielmo Marconi University meet the growing international demand for a comprehensive practical undergraduate qualification that prepares students for work primarily in the visual arts field. It aims to provide a theoretical and practical preparation for this emerging landscape by merging the artistic concepts of traditional film making with the technological tools that can be utilized in everything from independent news gathering and documentary film making to commercial production and web video.


The Bachelor of Cinematic Arts, Film and Television Production aims to produce graduates knowledgeable not only in specific techniques that enable them to operate with ease in a visual arts environment, but to ensure that they have the intellectual foundation to adopt a critical approach both to their studies and later work.


Career opportunities include: Directors: stage, motion pictures, television, and radio; Visual Communicators; Producers; Independent Film makers; Program Directors; Talent Directors; Technical Directors/Managers; Teachers: art, drama, music, and post secondary.


The 3-year program, amounting to 180 credits of academic achievement, is organized as follows:

First Year
  • History and Social Impact of Entertainment
  • Language of New Media and Entertainment
  • Geography of Communication
  • Theatre and Dramaturgy of Ancient Times
  • History of Modern Art

Second Year
  • Theories and Narrative Techniques
  • Writing and Narrative. Reality, TV and Cinematic Representation
  • Film Direction and Direction Laboratories
  • From the first idea to the finished script: Story structure +
  • Scriptwriting Lab
  • History of Cinematic Photography
  • Sociolinguistics and History of Dubbing

Third Year
  • Aesthetics in Entertainment
  • Visual Anthropology. The Ethnographic Cinema
  • Sociology of Arts and Literature
  • History of Scenography, Theatre, TV and Movie Costume
  • Audiovisual Communication
  • Multimedia Technologies for Cinema and TV
  • Foreign Language
  • Thesis Dissertation


In order to be admitted to the Bachelor Degree of Cinematic Arts, Film and Television Production, applicants must possess a valid high school diploma.


3 Years

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