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The main aim is to acquire knowledge of management science development, its concept, object, key management functions, and principles of the main fields of organisation's work as an object of management.


Having successfully completed the course, you will be able to:
  • describe the concept of management and its main definitions, and functions of managers.
  • know evolution of management theories from old civilizations till nowadays.
  • describe and analyse internal and external environment of organization and its culture.
  • define organisation and its foundation principles.
  • describe the essentials of planning, its aims and content of process planning.
  • describe methods of managerial decision making and be able to use them in practice.
  • describe traditional and modern organizational structures and make, and to draw them.
  • present the meaning and content of leading.
  • obtain the essence of control and to use its principles.


Module I: Principles of Management
Course provides with the basic information about main management functions, management prehistory and its theories, basic points of operation, marketing, human resource and financial management. 
  • Introduction to Principles of Management
  • History, Globalization & Ethics
  • Personality, Attitudes & Work behaviors
  • Developing Mission, Vision & Values
  • Strategic Management
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Organizational Structure & Change
  • Organizational Culture
  • Leading People & Organizations
  • Decision Making
  • Communication in Organizations
  • Managing Groups & Teams
  • Motivating Employees
  • The Essential of Control
  • Strategic Human Resource Management

Module II: Financial Management
 This module is an introduction to topics in corporate financial management, including financial markets, time value of money, asset valuation, risk and return, financial analysis and forecasting, capital budgeting, sources, and costs of capital.
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance
  • Time Value of Money
  • Discounted cash flow valuation
  • interest rates and bond valuation
  • Stock Valuation
  • Cost of Capital
  • Capital Market History
  • Risk & Return
  • Dividend & Payout Policy
  • Financial Statements, Taxes & Cash Flow
  • Working with financial statements
  • Financial planning and growth
  • Net present value
  • Capital Investment

Content (6 month course) all the above plus and the fee is 560 Euros
Module III. Personnel Management
  • Talent Management
  • Effective Recruiting and Interviewing
  • Employee Development and Retention
  • Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
  • Organizational Culture
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Resolving Conflict and Managing Difficult Employees
  • Work and Leisure Balance

Module IV: Project Management
This module provides you with an overview of project management and the essential tools needed to deliver successful projects on time and on budget. You will learn the fundamental principles of project management including: project initiation, project definition, creation of work breakdown structures, budgeting and controlling resources, quality assurance, auditing and project termination.
Projects in Contemporary organizations
  • Strategic Management and Project Selection
  • The project manager
  • Negotiation and the management of conflict
  • The project in the organizational structure
  • Project Activity Planning
  • Budgeting and Cost Estimation
  • Scheduling and PERT_CPM
  • Resource Allocation
  • Monitoring and Information Systems
  • Project Control
  • Project Auditing
  • Project Termination


High School Certificate


3 Months 

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